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Lean Healhcare

Our health system faces two challenges, which have become even greater during the pandemic: efficiency and sustainability. Resources are often limited, so the goal is to achieve more with less. This is precisely the basic principle behind the LEAN methodology and its application in the health system, the so-called Lean Healthcare system, whose main focus is the satisfaction of patients and, in turn, professionals.

This method adds value to the entire hospital organizational system by improving staff coordination, reducing patient waiting times, streamlining performance, improving satisfaction, and increasing the use of critical resources such as operating rooms. Despite all these advantages, this procedure is perceived by many organizations as complex and costly, but with the right technology, it is becoming increasingly easy to implement.

Lean Healthcare is one of the basic principles of the MYSPHERA system. The company’s wide experience with medical professionals and hospitals has allowed it to analyze some of the obstacles that affect health performance and, at the same time, the Lean system understands it as a waste:

Waiting times: Obviously in any process, waiting times are always a problem. A problem that is increased in healthcare when those who must wait are patients with needs and, furthermore, directly conditions the quality of the results

Excessive management and procedures: Healthcare continues to have traditional work methodologies, with little speed and relevance and involving a fundamental loss of time.

Transport and movement: Knowing where to place each patient, their needs, and their “flow” within their hospital stay can be a real headache without clear organization and guidelines.

Tackling these weaknesses is the aim of MYSPHERA and its ORVital technology, which is based on five basic points of Lean Healthcare:

✔ Simplifying the tasks of professionals
ORvital makes tasks visible and therefore provides the possibility of optimizing them. Our innovative IoT platform allows for the digitalization and automation of tasks that speed up procedures (transfer notifications, operating theatre cleaning, automatic updating of patient status, etc.) and free professionals from tedious procedures.

✔ The patient is the centre of attention
Freeing professionals from tedious and time-consuming tasks and procedures that detract from the value of care gives them extra time to devote to patients. They can also quickly access the patient’s history, know their location and even maintain stable and fluid communication with their families.

✔ Resource sustainability
Unfortunately, health care resources are limited and must be exploited to the full, as is the case with operating theatres. ORvital allows increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of both professionals and such important elements as operating theatres or beds. Knowing automatically and instantly when an operating theatre is ready to receive a patient, when it should be cleaned when the patient should be moved and make way for the next operation, effectively and quickly balancing the calendars of surgeons, available operating theatres, and patients, knowing the real availability of URPA beds,… a whole series of issues that provide us with vital information when managing a system as complex as the healthcare system.

✔ Involvement of people
People in any organization are always key to the implementation of the Lean method. Those who live the day-to-day work give us a clear vision of the processes that work, those that do not, those that need improvement, and the possible solutions that can bring value to their work. In each design and implementation of the MYSPHERA system, knowing firsthand those opinions is vital and they are taken into account when carrying out a solution that adapts to what they really need.

✔ Continuous improvement
The system evolves, the situation changes, and therefore, the improvement of both the working methodology and the technology of MYSPHERA is also continuous. For this reason, we always take into account the needs that may arise and develop tools that allow professionals to adapt to these changes and continue to maintain a structured, organized, efficient and effective working method.

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