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Optimising work-life balance for healthcare professionals with RTLS-based solutions

Work-life balance in the healthcare environment is a crucial aspect of ensuring the well-being and efficiency of healthcare professionals. In a sector in constant activity and demand, the challenges faced by these professionals in their work and personal lives are significant. At MYSPHERA, we are aware of the importance of caring for those who look after us in the most delicate moments. That is why our comprehensive solutions based on RTLS enable work-life balance and facilitate more effective management of time and resources in the healthcare sector.

Benefits that MYSPHERA solutions bring to the work-life balance in healthcare:

1. Process and task automation for more efficient time management.

Based on the information provided by RTLS technology, it is possible to automate key processes and tasks in the healthcare environment. From assigning tasks to coordinating medical teams, everything is done more efficiently and without manual effort. This automation frees up valuable time so that professionals can focus on providing quality medical care to their patients and, at the same time, have time for their personal lives.

2. Real-time location for better planning and coordination of medical staff.

RTLS technology provides real-time information on the location and availability of medical staff in the hospital. This facilitates more efficient shift planning and task allocation, ensuring that resources are optimized and properly distributed. The result is better coordination of staff and greater efficiency in medical care.



3. Monitoring and tracking of workload and schedules.

RTLS enables accurate tracking of the workload and schedules of medical staff. With this information, managers can identify possible work overloads and redistribute tasks in an equitable manner. This helps prevent burnout and improves the quality of working life for professionals.



4. Flexibility and adaptability to unforeseen situations.

RTLS allows for greater flexibility in the organization of schedules and adaptability to unforeseen situations. When faced with unexpected changes in workload or medical emergencies, RTLS technology facilitates the quick and efficient reallocation of tasks and resources to ensure timely and effective medical care.

Impact of RTLS on Work-Life Balance in the Surgical and Emergency Departments

In the Surgical and Emergency Department, our RTLS-based solutions have proven to be particularly effective in improving the work-life balance of professionals. By facilitating the coordination and planning of resources, as well as real-time workload monitoring, we have managed to optimize the use of operating theatres and the distribution of medical staff, thus reducing work overloads and improving the quality of the work life of professionals.

ORvital success story at Hospital Vall d’Hebrón (Barcelona)
Dr Juan Antonio Hueto | ICS Surgical Coordinator

“Implementing integrated solutions based on RTLS that improve healthcare processes allows us to gain an hour, an hour and a half, in the operating theatre. This in turn makes it possible to adjust the surgical program so that the sessions finish at the estimated time, which is very important for the work-life balance and the working environment.
For the staff, who have other responsibilities outside of work such as picking up children from daycare, finishing at 3 o’clock is not the same as finishing at 4:30.
In fact, this is precisely one of the immediate improvements that come from organizing the surgical process, and improving the work environment.

In short, RTLS is a revolutionary technology that is transforming the way decisions are made in the healthcare environment, enabling more effective work-life balance and higher quality care.

Save time.
Improve care.