Our comprehensive solution for Operating Rooms.

Traceability as a tool

Through our Bluetooth wristbands, we locate patients inside the hospital. We can also use them to locate equipment and improve inventory control.

We are the first company in the sector to use the Angle of Arrival technology, which allows a much higher location accuracy than a traditional RTLS.

Solution Components

Automation of tasks and processes

Patients change status in the process mainly through movement. We create automated tasks when certain events happen. For example, cleaning tasks are generated when the patient leaves an operating room, or transfer tasks when it’s notified that the patient is ready through the button on the wristband.

  • Automation of changes in the status of patients (triage, testing, observation…), equipment (in use, low battery level…), and locations (occupied, cleaned…).
  • Automatic task generation.

Real-Time Dashboards

A hospital is an environment in motion. Relevant information for every moment of the process is accessible to everyone through key dashboards:

  • Information dashboards in admission, supervision, and PACU.
  • Surgical plan dashboard vs. actual execution in each OR
  • Control screen from the OR
  • Bed management and location panel

Data Analytics

Thanks to our own analysis platform, the data is at your fingertips quickly, easily and in real time.

It includes graphs designed for the specific needs of a hospital, making it very easy to check the functioning and compare it with other periods to achieve continuous improvements.

Information to relatives

Patient relatives know the status of their loved one in the process and receive personalized messages through an app or screens located in key areas such as waiting rooms. Always preserving the anonymity and privacy of patients.

Main Features

Informed staff

All staff have at hand the updated information necessary for their role in real time. It is displayed in key places through touch screens or in specific apps for certain roles.

Coordinated staff

All departments improve their communication thanks to shared information, and the work environment becomes more efficient and quiet. In addition, automatic tasks generated from events notify the right professionals at the right times.

A sustainable operating room

Our solution integrates with the domotic system to save energy and programs a sleep mode for when the operating room is not in use.

A quiet waiting room

The operating room is one of the places with the greatest need for transparency for relatives. With our virtual waiting room you will know the status of your loved one from the screens or the free app.

Data to make decisions

Data never lie and help us detect problems and make decisions. With our Data Analysis panels, the information is accessible, comparable and easy to use in real time.

Keep it simple

Our infrastructure is very light and very easy to deploy and maintain.Also, our solutions are modular. No need for a building-wide deployment.