Hospital Saint-Joseph



The Saint-Joseph Hospital in Paris is a private non-profit hospital who was granted with the High Quality of Care by the HAS (French National Authority for Health) and is considered one of the ten best hospitals in the world.

It is a hospital where nearly 2,500 people work, with 22 operating rooms that perform more than 20,000 surgeries a year. Around 50% are managed by the Ambulatory Surgery Unit (UCA), where our solution is deployed.

In this project we have partnered with Air Liquide


Automate the different flows and processes that interact within the area

The objective is to coordinate the different work teams and efficiently manage the necessary resources, whether internal or external. At the same time, we increase flexibility and agility in unscheduled or urgent situations.

Collect reliable data on global activities

The continuous and automatic collection of data is essential so that the analyses describe the actual and objective situation of the UCA. This allows to make right management decisions.

Have a single supervision tool

Information systems integration is essential so that the data is shared between the UCA and the rest of the units of the hospital.

Have complete traceability of patients

Automation of changes in the status of patients to obtain the traceability of each one of them and their location in real time.

Have a single intuitive and user-friendly interface

It is essential for digital tools to show what is necessary for each moment and to be specifically designed for every role in the process.

Have a digital tool to inform the relatives of patients

Have a free app and screens located in key areas to inform relatives of the status of their loved one in the process. Always preserving privacy and data security, complying with the GDPR.