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ORvital: Optimising teamwork in the surgical block

Teamwork plays a critical role in the surgical suite, where collaboration between medical professionals and teams is essential to provide safe and effective care. However, coordination and planning of activities can present challenges that affect productivity and quality of care. In this context, real-time location technology (RTLS) has emerged as a key solution for orchestration and automation, improving efficiency and collaboration between medical teams.

Importance of teamwork in the surgical suite:

The surgical block is a complex and critical environment where collaboration between the different departments involved throughout the entire process is essential to achieve successful outcomes in every intervention. Smooth communication and proper coordination between team members are essential to provide safe and efficient patient care.

🔹 Challenges in coordination and planning of activities:

Despite the importance of teamwork, the surgical block faces challenges in the coordination and planning of activities. Proper task allocation, resource management, and rapid response to unforeseen situations are crucial aspects that can impact the efficiency and quality of the surgical process.

RTLS as a key technology for orchestration and automation:

Real-Time Locating System (RTLS) has revolutionized the way the surgical block is managed. This technology enables the real-time location of patients, medical staff, and equipment within the operating theatre, providing valuable information to optimize the coordination and planning of activities, facilitating informed decision-making, and improving efficiency in resource management.

🔹 Benefits of Teamwork in the Surgical Block:

Collaboration between medical professionals and teams: Teamwork within the surgical block fosters communication and collaboration between the different professionals involved in the care process. Coordination among all staff is essential for a coordinated and effective approach during surgical interventions.

Efficient communication for agile decision-making: Real-time information exchange between team members enables agile and effective decision-making. Using RTLS, medical staff can access up-to-date data on patient location and equipment status, facilitating coordination and rapid adjustment of care plans.

Improved patient safety and reduced errors: Effective collaboration and communication between medical professionals help improve patient safety and reduce the incidence of errors during the surgical process. With RTLS, staff can access real-time information about the location of patients, equipment, and other resources, minimizing risk and improving accuracy in patient care.

ORvital: Orchestration and Automation Solution based on RTLS:

Automation of tasks and processes in the surgical block: The ORvital solution, based on RTLS technology, enables the automation of tasks and processes in the surgical block. From room allocation to tracking medical equipment availability, ORvital streamlines operations in the surgical suite for more efficient management of time and resources.

Real-time localization to optimize resource allocation: RTLS provides accurate, real-time information on the location of patients, medical staff, and equipment in the surgical suite. With this information, coordinators can optimize the allocation of resources and equipment according to the needs of the moment, improving the planning and efficiency of the surgical suite.

Real-time activity monitoring and tracking: With RTLS, activity within the surgical suite can be monitored in real-time. Medical staff can access up-to-date information on the status of interventions, OR and equipment availability, allowing for better planning and informed decision-making in real-time.

Optimizing teamwork in the surgical suite is essential for efficient and safe medical care. The use of orchestration and automation solutions based on RTLS technology, such as MYSPHERA’s ORvital, has proven to be a valuable resource for improving coordination and efficiency within the surgical suite. With the ability to automate tasks, facilitate communication and provide real-time information, RTLS has revolutionized the way decisions are made and the surgical suite is managed, thereby improving the quality of patient care.

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