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MYSPHERA’s Improvements in Patient and Staff Experience: Transforming Healthcare

The real goal that healthcare should be moving towards is a prioritization of the patient experience. The quality of healthcare should not only be measured in terms of treatment and clinical outcomes but also in the overall experience the patient receives throughout their hospital stay. As well as making the work of healthcare staff as easy as possible.

In this sense, at MYSPHERA we are firmly committed to improving that experience through technology. Using RTLS as a base, we have been able to develop solutions that not only add to the work of healthcare professionals but are capable of raising the patient experience to new levels with very tangible and measurable improvements.

Reducing waiting times and optimizing patient flows

One of MYSPHERA’s main contributions to improving the patient experience is the streamlining of hospital processes through RTLS. The technology enables real-time tracking of patient location, which facilitates better planning and coordination of patient flows. This results in a significant reduction in waiting times in critical areas such as the emergency waiting room or surgical procedures. Patients no longer have to worry about long and distressing waits, contributing to a more relaxed and less stressful environment.


Reducing surgical waiting lists

It is precisely this optimization of patient flow that not only affects waiting rooms but also optimizes processes as complex as surgical procedures. The ability to orchestrate and automate tasks by keeping all departments involved informed in real time significantly improves surgical activity. In fact, thanks to MYSPHERA’s RTLS-based solutions, it is possible to increase surgical activity by more than 16% per year. This therefore has a direct impact on surgical waiting lists, greatly reducing surgical waiting lists.


Precise localization for personalized care

MYSPHERA has also achieved a marked improvement in the personalized care patients receive. RTLS technology enables the precise identification of patient locations in real-time, allowing medical staff to provide more personalized and timely care. In addition, in a hospital setting, precise location also helps to ensure that patients are taken to the correct areas for procedures or examinations, avoiding confusion and reducing anxiety.


Improved communication and patient and family empowerment

Effective communication is fundamental to the patient experience. MYSPHERA has improved communication both between medical staff and between staff, patients, and their families. By implementing real-time notifications and alerts, patients and their families are informed in real-time of the entire process, whether it is surgical or in the emergency department. This empowers patients by providing them with up-to-date and relevant information, which in turn reduces uncertainty and increases confidence in the care received.


Reducing stress for relatives

Uncertainty and stress are common in any healthcare process, especially for relatives who do not know what is happening or how it is going. Through our Virtual Waiting Room, it is possible to know at all times what is happening or if the professionals need to transfer any relevant information. And not only from the waiting room but also via smartphone.


Improved Work-Life Balance

MYSPHERA’s technology not only improves the patient experience but also benefits healthcare professionals. Automating key processes, such as task allocation and medical team coordination, frees up time for professionals, allowing them to deliver quality care and enjoy their personal lives. Real-time localization facilitates staff planning, workload monitoring, and adaptation to unforeseen situations. In environments such as operating theatres and emergency rooms, this technology has been shown to reduce work overload and improve quality of life.


In conclusion, our solutions have driven significant improvements in patient experience through the implementation of advanced technologies and patient-centric approaches. As a result, hospitals and clinics that adopt MYSPHERA solutions are able to deliver a more positive and enriching experience for the patients they serve.

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