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MYSPHERA awarded as ‘Highly Recommended Project’ at the European Healthcare Design Awards 2023

Once again MYSPHERA has been recognized by the European Healthcare Design Awards. Our PATHMAKER project has received the ‘Highly Recommended Project’ award in the ‘Product and Technology Design Innovation’ category. A well-deserved recognition for an innovative project capable of revolutionizing healthcare.

Implemented at the East Kent Hospital in Canterbury, PATHMAKER demonstrates the main objective of our solutions: to transform healthcare environments through technology. Based on real-time locating systems (RTLS), we are able to automate the tasks of the entire surgical process, allowing healthcare staff to fully and efficiently co-ordinate. All this with real information through strategically located screens for professionals and patients’ families. And the companions are informed throughout the process, not only in the waiting room but also through an app.

This award is in addition to other recognitions received by both the European Healthcare Design Awards 2022, organized by Architects for Health and SALUS, and the HTN Awards, organized by the HTN media.

🏅 European Healthcare Design Awards

2023 – Highly Recommended Project | Category: “Product and Technology Design Innovation”.

2020 – Best Innovation | Category: “Design Innovation for Quality Improvement

🏅 HTN Awards

2021 – ‘Highly Recommended’ | Pilot at East Kent Hospital

There is no doubt that these awards are a further boost to our commitment to excellence and innovation in healthcare. A commitment to a single goal: Save Time. Improve Care. That is, to free professionals from tasks that take them away from what is most important: caring for patients.

🔄🏥Transforming Healthcare: PATHMAKER

With surgical waiting lists still affected by the pandemic in unprecedented numbers, reaching maximum care capacity is almost a must. However, with current resources and an increasingly overstretched workforce, this is unsustainable.
How can this be achieved? Technology is precisely the basis of our PATHMAKER project.

A project whose main objective is to design a tool that allows the rapid deployment of real-time patient flow projects, which are very important to have optimal management of any healthcare process/area (e.g. surgical process, emergency department, etc.) and patient pathways. Currently, the deployment of such solutions requires several months of co-design work with the hospital, which limits the potential for scalability.

Rapid implementation of solutions such as ORvital or STELA would provide hospitals with key tools to optimize and improve the efficiency of their processes. Improvements that not only benefit healthcare professionals but also patients.

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Improve care.