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Waiting lists have surpassed all records to date. Even though the pandemic is much more under control, hospitals now have to change track from COVID care/vaccination mode to achieve maximum care capacity, despite having exhausted staff.

Professionals and specialized companies need significant time and effort to plan elective care backlog and to establish new care pathways when improvement is needed, or eventualities occur in the context of the constant increase in healthcare demand and limited budgets.

PATHMAKER project aims to design a tool that will enable the fast deployment of real-time patient flow projects, which are very important to have optimal management of any healthcare process/area (i.e. surgical process, emergency department, etc.) and patient pathways. Currently, deploying these kinds of solutions take a few months of co-design work with the hospital, which limits the scale-up potential.

MYSPHERA, as the leader company of the project, is determined to reduce the effort and time significantly by implementing an Artificial Intelligence-Powered Assistive Design Internet of Things Pathway Platform that will streamline the design, tailor, and deploy optimal pathways, for any hospital, unit, and much shorter time seen to date.

Before their selection for EIC Accelerator, the company received funding through EIC Accelerator’s predecessor, SME Instrument Phase 2, OR4.0 Project.

Project PATHMAKER (190198323) co-funded by European Commision under the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) through the EIC Accelerator Programme

Save time.
Improve care.