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Our contribution to the healthcare system in 2023

By 15/12/2023December 19th, 2023No Comments

At the current crossroads of healthcare, the adoption of disruptive technologies emerges as an inescapable imperative. The elimination of non-value tasks, the optimization of processes, and the substantial improvement of the patient experience are not simply optional advances, but urgent necessity that redefines the healthcare paradigm.

In this context, technological innovation represents not only progress but an essential mandate to address the main challenge of healthcare today: waiting lists. With numbers approaching 820,000 patients and average waiting times exceeding 110 days, healthcare is at a critical crossroads.

Given this scenario, the figures obtained by MYSPHERA in the same period, 2023, become even more significant.

🔹 Technology that redefines the patient experience: 400K patients with our wristbands

MYSPHERA RTLS wristbands have evolved beyond simple geolocation. Thanks to the 400,000 patients who have gone through a healthcare process with our wristband, it has not only raised safety standards but also paved the way towards eliminating non-value tasks, and empowering staff in their job performance.

🔹 Surgical efficiency for improved care: 150K processes streamlined

Optimizing surgical processes not only means more interventions performed, but also quality medical care. MYSPHERA has succeeded in streamlining 150,000 surgical processes, reducing preparation times, and allowing professionals to focus on what matters: patient care. This efficiency not only frees up time but also improves the quality of care.

🔹 A measurable impact on healthcare: +10K Surgeries, -€30M in Costs

MYSPHERA is not only improving the patient experience, but it is also transforming the healthcare system as a whole. The release of 150,000 hours of non-value tasks is more than a number; it is a call to rethink how we use time in healthcare. The 10,000 additional surgeries and the 30 million euro cost reduction are clear indicators that investment in technology not only improves care but is also economically viable.

🔹Reducing wait times when it matters most: 250K Patients Benefited

Waiting in the emergency department is often a critical point in medical care. MYSPHERA has made a difference for 250,000 patients, reducing waiting times and streamlining processes. This achievement not only relieves pressure on emergency departments but also helps patients feel the reassurance of a functioning healthcare system that helps them when they need it most.

🔹Connected families: Humanising healthcare

The MYSPHERA app is not only a technological tool, but also an emotional connection between patients, families, and healthcare professionals. The 100,000 downloads of our APP ‘Virtual Waiting Room’ demonstrate the need for transparent, real-time communication. This humanized approach not only facilitates the work of professionals but also contributes to more comprehensive care.

By merging the prevailing need for transformation with MYSPHERA’s tangible contributions, it opens a path towards a more efficient, patient-centric system capable of addressing today’s most pressing surgical care challenges. Indeed, these achievements not only demonstrate the ability of technology to transform healthcare but are also essential to the future of healthcare.

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