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A Year of Transformation: Salvador Vera’s Reflections on 2023

As 2023 bids farewell with its final days, I would like to take a moment to reflect on the incredible journey we have had at MYSPHERA this year.

This year, around 400,000 patients have used our system, a testament to the growth of our footprint in the healthcare sector. In more than 300 operating theatres, our ORvital system has been a silent partner that has streamlined more than 150 thousand surgical procedures. The fact that we have facilitated an additional 10,000 surgeries compared to last year fills me with indescribable pride and motivation.

The launch of Stela also marked another exciting milestone for us in 2023. Our new solution to reduce waiting times in the Emergency Department, where every second counts and every minute is a treasure, has benefited more than 250,000 patients in just one year.

This year has also been particularly exciting thanks to the advancement in the application of artificial intelligence in our sector, which MYSPHERA has been involved in by getting involved in several of the key projects in this field. Harnessing the vast amount of data we collect is opening up avenues to further improve hospital processes and foster a more efficient and effective system.

Being the highest representative of MYSPHERA in these times is an honor and a source of pride, especially in bringing value to our hallowed public healthcare system. I am immensely grateful to our team, who put their hearts into every project; to our investors, who trust in our vision; to our customers and partners, who are our fellow travelers; and to every healthcare professional, who does their best every day and are the true heroes in this adventure.

As we prepare to welcome 2024, I want to highlight the extraordinary opportunity that the investment made available by the European Recovery and Resilience Mechanism or Next Gen funds represents for the digitization of healthcare. This is a unique opportunity to take our healthcare to the next level, leveraging these resources to transform and drive excellence in healthcare.

It is a time of transformation and growth, and at MYSPHERA we are ready to be an active part of this positive change.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a New Year filled with health, happiness, and fulfilled dreams.

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