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Lean Healthcare

Process orchestration and automation, a step beyond traceability

The coordination of healthcare requires a great effort on the part of all the professionals and teams that form part of the process. This can often be complicated and can lead to interference in patient care.

A new approach can generate better care, increasing the benefits for both patients and professionals.

Precisely, this new approach comes through digitalization. A concept that coexists with almost every aspect of our lives, but which seems to resist being fully implemented in the healthcare area.

However, in recent years, important steps have been taken towards the technological transformation of the healthcare system with important elements such as the digital medical record or the traceability of patients and equipment.

But we can still go a step beyond traceability and real-time location, achieving something with much more value: the orchestration and automation of healthcare processes.

What is process orchestration?

Traceability helps us to measure, but automation is able to eliminate manual tasks that interfere with the most important thing, patient care. And at a higher level of management, orchestration allows us to organize the flow of tasks and work.

In other words, automation helps us to eliminate individual tasks, while orchestration is the well-oiled, systematic engine capable of organizing the day-to-day complexity of important areas such as surgery or emergency care and driving healthcare forward.

The combination of the two is capable of:

  • Boost productivity by increasing team capacity, reducing human error, and eliminating ‘waste tasks’.
  • Streamline the patient experience by combining physical and virtual care into a single, safe and personalized experience.

MYSPHERA, Lean Healthtech

Our healthcare process orchestration and automation solutions are the perfect technological basis for a hospital to apply a lean management methodology. A new digital approach to modernize processes to:

  • Streamline patient flow.
  • Improve the working environment.

How is this achieved?

Through three key points:

1.  Streamlined, automated patient flow
We achieve this through a process engine that defines and updates the status of patients, beds and spaces. Based on these status changes, we launch automatic tasks to the actors involved to save time and improve coordination.

2. The information you need, when you need it
Our solutions are designed to deliver the data and the utility you need in the way you need it, where you need it. We define different accesses to the system depending on the role of the user and the time of the process.

3. An integrated digital hospital
It is essential that all hospital information systems communicate with each other and are updated in real-time. Our solutions are designed to integrate easily and quickly with any of these systems.

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