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The success story in the media: The media interempresas echoes the success story of Vall D’Hebron and MYSPHERA.


Last December, the Spanish Association of Telecommunications and Information Society Users (AUTELSI) launched the report Digital Health: Use cases. A document in which is collected as a case of the success of the transformation of the health system through IoT technology and orchestration of processes.


This report, which describes 17 of the most significant use cases in the use of telemedicine within healthcare practices, echoes the great work done by the Vall D’Hebron Hospital together with our RTLS-IoT solution and Telefónica.


As the report states, taking into account that one of the main focal points of healthcare facilities is the Surgical Block and that the most important challenge they face is waiting lists, the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital sought to optimize its surgical process, increasing the efficiency of the process flows, increasing patient safety and also improving the information offered to relatives.


Our innovative patient traceability system, as stated in the document, has allowed us not only to address these key points but also to:

• Increase surgical throughput by 10%.
• Save between €7,500 and €12,000 per operating theatre per year.
• Cost savings of between 1.4 and 2.3 million euros per year.
• Improve safety by having the patient identified and located at all times.
• Improve patient flow by being able to identify and correct bottlenecks and inefficiencies in the process.
• Improve the availability of information for professionals because at all times moment, they know the situation in which each patient is and the status of the operation theatres.
• Eliminate verbal instructions by automatically sending tasks to be carried out. This makes it possible to optimize and prioritize tasks.
• Respond to day-to-day changes without causing efficiency problems.
• Enhance the satisfaction of patients and their families by providing information in real-time, from the point of the process, in real-time, of the point in the process at which their relative is.


A transformation that has been carried out thanks to the collaboration of all the medical professionals involved in the process who have worked closely with our team.


A collaborative effort to adapt the solution to their needs and to be able to obtain useful information not only for the center itself but also for healthcare professionals and relatives, as well as the complete orchestration of the process. This not only increases the performance and efficiency of the patient flow but also provides something much more valuable: time. A time that medical professionals save on tasks that detract from the value of care and can devote entirely to what matters most – caring for patients.


Read the full report here

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