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How MYSPHERA’s solutions drive and support the vital work of porters

In the complex mechanism of hospital operations, some tasks and professionals often go unnoticed, but whose work is essential for the smooth and efficient running of the healthcare system: our porters. Their dedication and commitment are the driving force behind every stage of healthcare.

The crucial work of the porters: Beyond the apparent

Porters are multi-purpose professionals who are responsible for both the safe transport of patients and for certain hospital logistics. Their tireless work is essential for patient satisfaction and the smooth running of the healthcare institution.

However, it is important to bear in mind that their work is often hampered by traditional constraints and a shortage of modern resources. Equipping our orderlies with innovative technologies not only facilitates their daily activities but also optimizes the quality of healthcare.

MYSPHERA: Transforming the work of Porters

In this context, MYSPHERA’s innovative solutions emerge as the catalyst to increase the efficiency and impact of porters in the hospital environment. The implementation of real-time tracking technologies, efficient communication, and modern tools becomes a key component to optimize the work of these unsung heroes.

🌐 Real-time monitoring for patient safety

With MYSPHERA’s solutions, porters are equipped with real-time tracking systems that enable safe and efficient patient transfer. The ability to locate patients instantly helps reduce response times and ensures faster and more accurate care.

📞  Efficient communication for smooth coordination

Efficient communication is critical in hospital environments. MYSPHERA facilitates interaction between porters and other healthcare professionals. This ensures smooth coordination and the ability to address critical situations immediately.

Task management from a Porter’s app: How do we make it possible?

MYSPHERA offers an intuitive solution through its Porter’s app. This tool is the link that allows porters to efficiently coordinate transfers and other critical tasks in real-time. The app has become their main ally for agile and accurate management.

To initiate a transfer, nurses only need to indicate on their dashboard that the patient is ready for transfer. The tasks will be automatically generated when the destination is ready.

For their part, the nursing staff at the destination will only have to indicate when the operating theatre or bed is ready.

Thus, from within the application, porters can efficiently coordinate patient transfers and other critical tasks in real-time, improving communication and coordination throughout the hospital environment.

MYSPHERA’s automatic and ‘silent’ task management prevents miscoordination, delays, and lack of information. The solution acts as an invisible conductor, ensuring that every step is calculated and precise, without interruptions or wasted time.

In conclusion, MYSPHERA not only simplifies management for porters and nursing staff but creates an ecosystem where coordination is seamless, tasks are automatic and information flows unhindered. This translates into more efficient healthcare, reducing friction and improving the experience for all involved.

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