Virtual Waiting Room

The application is designed for family members waiting in the waiting room of any hospital equipped with MYSPHERA technology and to whom the hospital has given an access code through the patient.

One of the most stressing and upsetting situations for family members is the wait in the waiting room. With Virtual Waiting Room it is possible to follow the patient’s status live, as well as receive notifications and messages from health professionals.

  • Automated patient status information: This APP provides automated information on all phases that a patient goes through during a surgical intervention: from preparation, such as transfer to the operating room, the intervention, to recovery and end of the process. Different stages and changes of location that generate alerts in the APP of the relatives, keeping them informed at all times.

  • Notifications and personalized messages from healthcare staff: In addition to knowing the flow of the patient’s status, through automatic capture of movement by the electronic device (identification bracelet) assigned to the patient, healthcare staff can communicate with family members by sending personalized messages such as delays in entering the intervention or requesting the presence of family members at the information point to talk to them in person.

An application that provides peace of mind at times when information is vital, without providing clinical details of the patient, and providing extra transparency to the process. In addition, it is a support for healthcare personnel, as it adds tools for their communication with family members in key situations.

Important information about using the APP: 

  • The use of the application requires an access code which will be given to you at the hospital. Make sure that your hospital offers the service.

  • The information and notifications received depend on the use and configuration of the MYSPHERA location system defined by each hospital.

  • If you don’t receive updates of your patient’s status, check with your hospital, or ask the mysphera support center ( indicating the hospital from which the code was delivered.

  • The application does not provide any clinical information of the patient.

  • The application in no case substitutes the medical patient relationship.

The application belongs to the company MYSPHERA, and it is a module of the MYSPHERA platform. If you are interested in obtaining more information about the platform you can access:

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