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Soluciones MYSPHERA

MYSPHERA has completed the deployment of its IoT Platform for Vall d’Hebron Hospital, with the aim of improving patient safety and the efficiency of surgical flows in the Surgical Block through real-time localization and management of the processes.
When a patient enters the Surgical Block, a wristband is placed that allows him to be identified safely throughout the process. The system detects that the patient is in transit within the surgical area and a set of beacons allows to know their location in real time. The platform sends all the screens distributed in the area of ​​surgery information on the patient’s condition, such as “in preparation”, “in surgery” or “in recovery”.
The platform is connected to an APP that patients and family members can download to receive information in real time, which can also be viewed on screens placed in waiting rooms.
The system, implemented with the collaboration of Telefónica, improves communication among all the actors in the area of ​​surgery, such as doctors, nurses, wardens and even patients and their families.
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