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Soluciones MYSPHERA

La Rioja public system has started the deployment of a new digital traceability service, developed by MYSPHERA, that aims to increase patient safety, keep informed patient relatives and increase the efficiency in the operating rooms.

The Health Director of the region, María Martín, explained that “it is a location system that provides us with information about patients among the surgical process, letting us improve the service in terms of safety, efficiency and staff and patient satisfaction. It is based on bluetooth bracelets that communicate with different gateways placed on strategic locations. It is a non-invasive platform, easy to deploy and use, with enormous benefits for every actor in the process that will reduce our waiting lists by increasing our surgical performance.”

On the other hand, the Director of Surgical Processes, Jesús Álvarez, told us that “it is a really useful tool that helps us with the planning and management of the surgical unit. We expect a huge impact in surgical performance, up to a 18% ratio improvement”.

Save time.
Improve care.