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Soluciones MYSPHERA

Valencia Ministry of Healthcare just approved the deployment of an app, deployed by MYSPHERA, that allows patient relatives to know the status of their loved ones during the surgical process in real time.

When a patient starts the surgical process, the hospital gives her an information sheet with a personal identification code and the explanation of how to download the application.

If the patient wishes to, he can deliver this sheet to her companions. Then the application begins to report the status of the surgical process.

In this way, the accompanying persons do not need to be permanently in the waiting room until the end of the intervention, since they can follow the process through their mobile phone, which sends alert notifications when the person intervened changes their status. </ br>

Some hospitals already have information screens installed through which the companions of a surgically treated patient can know the place where they are, either in the preparation prior to the intervention, in the intervention or in the recovery area.

The monitoring process through the application has been implemented in several hospitals in the Valencian Community, such as La Plana, General de València, Llíria, La Fe, Gandía, and San Juan, and in March , will also be offered to users of the Provincial Hospital of Castellón.

Save time.
Improve care.