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Soluciones MYSPHERA

The company made the international launch of its new technological solution at the HIMSS19 event held in Florida, the most important in the sector worldwide and attended by more than 45,000 people each year.

The revolutionary MYSPHERA solution consists of an IoT platform that automatically manages the tasks of the surgical process, significantly increasing the efficiency of the hospital and safely identifying patients guaranteeing their safety. As an example, MYSPHERA launches tasks to the hospital porters when, at the push of a button, it is notified that a patient is ready for surgery and her assigned operating room is ready for operation. MYSPHERA locates the patient and guarantees that the process is carried out correctly, launching alerts if something is wrong. In addition, the system is compatible with bluetooth technologies making possible the domotic control of the operating rooms by reading and changing environmental conditions. The launch in the United States was a success that attracted hundreds of visitors, who verified this solution by a demonstration made in a scale model of the Operating Theatre of a hospital, based at the Hospital Vall d’Hebrón in Barcelona, first in the world to make use of this solution.

Representing the Hospital Vall d’Hebrón, Raquel Cánovas, CIO, and Dr. Juan Antonio Hueto, Director of the Surgical Process, made a conference in which they explained how the design and implementation of the technology was carried out and the results obtained with it.
“We chose MYSPHERA in the contest because its system is very adaptable, it was the most accurate and it has the best cost-effectiveness balance” – declared Raquel Cánovas. “The best thing about working with MYSPHERA is that they understood perfectly how our surgical process works and the roles of the different actors, from management to the cleaning staff. And they know what they are doing, they understand our lean philosophy.”

For his part, Dr. Juan Antonio Hueto analyzed the results obtained after a year using MYSPHERA: “We started in 2017 by implementing the system in one of our four surgical blocks, the one which had the lowest performance ratio. At the end of 2018 this unit increased this figure by 10%, reaching 80%, being the current performance the highest compared to the other three blocks. This means many more surgeries per year and great cost savings. “- Later, in response to questions from the audience, he said:” The medical and nursing staff can focus much more on patients, since the tasks that do not provide any value for them they are fully automated. The focus is on the patient and not on the computer. “

Save time.
Improve care.