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Soluciones MYSPHERA

Faced with the new challenge of the digital revolution in the health sector, this year’s event has focused on learning how firms in the health sector have successfully developed and applied technological solutions of high complexity, but with visible results for health systems.

Those responsible for presenting these success stories were:

  • CTIC Technology Center. Jimena Pascual. Unit Manager Active Ageing and Wellness.
  • Sanitas. Jorge Velázquez Moro. Director of Technology and Business Transformation of Sanitas Hospitals.
  • Hey. Baltasar Lobato Beleiro. Partner Advisory | Health & Life Sciences.
  • DKV Health. Julio Lorca Director of Digital Health Development.
  • MYSPHERA. Toni Mateo Belmonte. Commercial Director.
  • Telephone. Mercedes Nuñez Sánchez. Responsible for the blog One click from ICT.


On the part of MYSPHERA, Toni Mateo presented the success story of the Vall d’Hebron hospital, where the “Surgical Process Automation” solution has been implemented, which allows automating the management of tasks in a Surgical Block and which has had extraordinary results, increasing 10% the number of surgeries per year.

Toni ‘s conference caused a lot of expectation, as you could see on social networks during the event:

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