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Soluciones MYSPHERA

In August East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust launched our technology to reduce surgical waiting lists. The Trust became the first in the country to use a Bluetooth patient tracking system to improve surgical performance.

MYSPHERA is implementing a pioneering project at the East Kent Hospitals University Foundation Trust. A new real-time location patient flow service promises to transform the way surgical staff deliver care by boosting the coordination between all the stakeholders participating in the process by means of real-time applications. The potential impact in terms of healthcare outcomes is very important embracing improvements on staff, patient, and family experience, but also, on increasing the number of operations performed every day due to better performance.

An implementation that has earned a nomination in the HTN Awards, awards that seek to share and celebrate digital teams, programs, innovations, and health tech suppliers that have made a difference throughout the year.

During the digital ceremony on 7th October HTN highly commended this project as the most promising pilot of the year in the NHS

As reported by digital health, Alexis Warman, service development lead at the trust, said: “One of the other core benefits of this system is that the data will be indisputably accurate, will be in real-time, and will have been created automatically. This reduces the reliance and resource pressure on the staff to input the information manually and provides us with a wholly precise recording of every stage of the patient’s theatre journey. “

“As a result, the data is powerful and can quickly highlight areas of focus and drive change. This pilot will allow us to investigate and measure all of the changes and benefits of having such a system in place and enable us to predict the scale of the benefits if this system were to be implemented across all theatres.”

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