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Soluciones MYSPHERA

The Emergency Service of Navarra Hospital has implemented MYSPHERA to improve the efficiency of the processes carried out in this building. This is a project that provides health professionals with information on the physical location of each patient in real time, thanks to the connection of hospital information systems with new IoT (Internet of Things) elements. </ P>

Specifically, the new system is based on a bracelet that will be worn by each patient during their stay in the building and, through gateways placed at strategic points, will allow the staff to use traceability data to improve their processes. The bracelet will be managed by the admission staff, and it will be the nursing staff who will place it on each patient during the triage process (the initial assessment that is made to each person upon arrival at the emergency room). </ P>

This project also aims to improve the response time of health professionals to different situations, since, as it controls the location of patients in real time, it also does so with mobile critical medical devices. </ p>

Finally, MYSPHERA will allow emergency managers to make decisions to improve care quality, as well as to measure their impact thanks to the information generated on the behavior of healthcare providers and patients throughout their stay in the Emergency Area. An information that will be analyzed, later, by the results evaluation systems. </ p>

Save time.
Improve care.