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The pandemic has been a difficult obstacle to overcome; an unprecedented situation that has posed a challenge for most companies, especially SME’S and startups. A challenge that can be considered even harder for all business sectors related to healthcare. However, it is in the face of adversity that creative and innovative projects stand out. Projects like the one MYSPHERA has been working on since 2012; a commitment for the evolution and healthcare digital transformation which, as the newspaper ‘El Economista’ points out, has gained even more importance against the backdrop of the pandemic.

COVID-19 has highlighted the true necessity for a change in the Spanish National Health System, that not only improves patient care but also supports and helps health workers on a daily basis.

In this sense, the financial newspaper points out the success of MYSPHERA’s solutions that are capable of providing avant-garde technology at the service of healthcare organizations. The newspaper also highlights the business acuity distinguishing in the current situation “the possibility of fulfilling two tasks at the same time: finding a market segment in which to grow and providing solutions to new problems”.

The pandemic has indeed raised awareness amongst the competent authorities that digital healthcare transformation should not be an isolated case in some centres.

It has also helped bring focus on digital tools based on IoT-RTLS such as MYSPHERA’s ones, which can not only provide short-term solutions such as reducing waiting lists but could also change the entire healthcare process from the ground up adding value to patient care.

Our vision and mission have remained the same since MYSPHERA was born in 2012 because issues like long waiting lists, which may seem like just a consequence of the pandemic, have been an obstacle in medical care for a long time.

This is a major obstacle for healthcare professionals, in addition to other issues such as tedious and time-consuming necessary tasks without directly impact the patient care, like non-optimized processes, material resources not used to their full capacity, and even the lack of real-time and reliable information on both, patients and processes, which would allow an accurate analysis of what is happening in the hospital.

MYSPHERA®, IoT-RTLS solutions for digital healthcare evolution

MYSPHERA® was born in 2012 with the clear objective of helping the healthcare system through digitalization and IoT-RTLS technology.

After designing, creating and implementing a Real-Time Location System in hospitals, with the main objective of accurately measure the processes within the hospital through the patients and valuable-assets location; we have had the opportunity to learn first-hand which are the real obstacles hospitals are facing.

This information has helped us to develop specific solutions for vital and complex areas such as surgery and Emergency Department.

? ORvital – Intelligent and multipurpose platform to visualise, manage and analyse the different processes involved in the surgical area.
? Stela – RTLS-IoT solution for the management and organisation of patients and tasks in the Emergency Department.

These two solutions bring 4 major benefits:

Secure patient ID: Using smartphones or tablets, staff can access patient information on different levels and even know what actions have been taken with the patient.

Instant location: Thanks to the IoT-RTLS location system, it is possible to know where the patient is at any time, and even alert in the event of a mistaken location.

Traceability: Automated and real-time recording and location of patient’s status and even equipment.

Real-time dashboards: Updated and real-time information of patient status, both for medical professionals and family members.

Data analysis: create an unprecedented Hospital Intelligence management system.

? Find out more about MYSPHERA here

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