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    Internet of Things & Location Systems for Care

    A smart IoT solution: Transforming healthcare systems through location and process visibility.
    MYSPHERA helps optimize  efficiencies, lower operating costs, increases reliability and safety, and improves patient outcomes.

    We are MYSPHERA

    A leading digital health company in Europe

    MYSPHERA was founded in 2012 with the aspiration of improving healthcare by developing a powerful platform to create breakthrough solutions. Our first customer was La Fe Hospital in Valencia (Spain), where we developed and deployed the largest RTLS (Real Time Location System) in Europe to date, with tangible results that established a trust-based relationship that continues nowadays.

    Our company’s path has always been driven by working side by side with end-users and key stakeholders within healthcare organizations. Our team members work collaboratively, with empathy, flexibility and total involvement in every project to ensure our customers are totally satisfied with the results.

    We have developed the Hospital Process Manager, a truly innovative IoT platform that allows for dramatic improvements in terms of efficiency and utilization of key assets, cost savings, increased revenue generation, and improved patient safety for healthcare organizations.

    MYSPHERA is a leading health technology company in Europe, with deployments in more than 50 hospitals, and strategic and technology partnerships throughout the world. We are very proud to have accepted the prize for best IoT deployment in the world by the prestigious magazine RFID Journal.


    Our IoT Platform

    The Hospital Process Manager

    We bring healthcare organizations an advanced IoT process management platform, which is based on our RTLS (Real Time Location System), and designed to empower Clinicians, Patients, and Healthcare Management with smart sensor-driven, on-demand, actionable information to improve patient care outcomes while increasing efficient management of resources.

    Main Features

    Secure Identification

    MYSPHERA’s technology enables hospital staff to safely identify patients and equipment by proximity, using a smartphone or a tablet. In addition, the application automatically identifies the patient at critical moments, such as when entering an operating room, by issuing alerts that prevent costly human errors.

    Location & Traceability

    Our technology enables the location of people and equipment in real time, increasing efficiency and improving patient care. In addition, staff may consult key status updates, such as “in recovery”, “in preparation”, “equipment in use”, “equipment needs maintenance”, and other states, in real time.

    Real Time Dashboards

    MYSPHERA offers multiple dashboards to streamline complex healthcare organizations processes. Hospital staff can track, at a glance, information about each unit, such as occupation metrics, comparison between the surgical plan with the actual real-time data, bed management and room utilization rates, or patients’ status and waiting times, to name just a few. In addition, patients’ relatives may download a free app to be kept up-to-date with real time updates on the specific status of a loved one. This relieves stress and frees up time for front office staff who would normally deal with family status queries.

    Data Analytics

    Our analytical tools offer key and reliable information to improve healthcare processes, such as patient flow, resource management, surgery performance, inventory optimization, room utilization, and other processes across the hospital.

    Patient Flow

    We optimize the patient flow with an orchestration platform designed to manage the complex and demanding process in hospitals and surgical centers. It generates events, states and tasks to automate coordination and actively initiates communication among the different participants in the healthcare process.

    Secure Identification

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