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FinishedInnovation Project


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SINTEC – Soft intelligence epidermal communication platform

By a novel manufacturing technology for large area rigid-stretch PCB and integration, SINTEC will provide soft, sticky and stretchable sensor patches that can be used multiple times and at longer periods. With its dynamic compliance and water repellent permeable encapsulation it withstands vigorous action, sweating and water; making it ideal for an active life. A ground breaking intra body communication technique gives large bandwidth and secure consumption at low power, allowing for multiplex sensoric inputs from many nodes on the body.


To demonstrate the advantages of the novel technology, SINTEC will apply it in clinical environment and in athletics performance evaluation. Industrial partners will exploit the results in manufacturing technology, Fat-IBC, and in soft compliant smart patch applications, e.g., in preventive care, sports and fitness, and medical technology.


MYSPHERA will leader the tasks to provide the wireless sensor network with a gateway, protocols, and suitable apps for data handling and communication:


• To provide an overall specification of the system

• To adapt an IoT gateway and middleware platform to integrate the different sensors

• To develop the end-user apps and integrate all the different technological elements


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