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Salvador Vera selected Member of the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange

Since our foundation as a company, our spirit has always been innovative. We want and can provide pioneering solutions to such an important and complex field as healthcare. And it is precisely this aim of innovation that has been the key to the selection of our CEO, Salvador Vera, as a Member of the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange.

Mayo Clinic launched the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange in 2020 as a platform to provide internal innovators and external entrepreneurs and startups throughout the health care industry with premier medical and business insights. And, to provide the connections needed to bring their breakthrough innovations to market. The Innovation Exchange is a membership-based platform created to further industry collaboration, accelerate commercialization, and put all our minds together to help patients.


A great opportunity that we are very grateful and proud to be part of. Innovation and healthcare should go side-by-side and lead the healthcare transformation towards a service where the patient is always the most important. We see the Mayo Clinic Innovation Exchange as a great catalyst for bringing the industry’s most cutting-edge solutions to patients as quickly as possible.

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