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The casadomo media echoes the European project Plan4Act in which we participated and which ended last April.


The digital media casadomo reports the main conclusions of the European project Plan4Act. The aim of this project is to develop the basis for creating a technology that will allow the management of smart homes through the prediction of sequences of the brain activity of the users. This technology will offer people with motor disabilities more accessible buildings.


A project, framed within the European Horizon program, in which we have participated since its creation as leaders in dissemination and business plan.


After several years of research and work, the project, which concluded last August, has developed a prototype of an automated brain-machine interface (BMI) capable of extracting and processing the neural basis of an action plan with which to control different functions in a smart home proactively.


How was the prototype developed?


It was a highly difficult project, as the biggest hurdle for the research was to be able to collect the necessary neural data from the various areas of the brain. Data that will then be processed and be able to perform the execution of actions within the intelligent environment.


The complexity of the project lies in collecting the neural data from multiple areas of the brain and processing it into executions in an intelligent environment.


To achieve this, the research was based on the collection of neural patterns from primates. Primates that carried out behavioral tasks through a sequence of individual actions in order to achieve their behavioral goal, such as receiving a reward.


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