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LOCS Study Case

Our contribution to the European ActiveAGE Project becomes case study.

The Business Development and Technology department of Aarhus University and the European initiative Next Generation IoT have made a case study of LOCS, MYSPHERA’s technology used in the European Project ActivaAGE.

The document, published on both websites, describes our technological trajectory within the healthcare area and the fundamental role that our solution has played within the framework of the transformation of elderly people’s homes. Our development, under the European initiative to support and extend the independent living of elderly people in their own homes, has made it possible to create safe and controlled environments within the users’ homes.

Although LOCS is currently in the process of going to market, the platform has been tested in 525 homes.

In fact, as our Innovation Manager, Pilar Sala, explains, ‘Many users are grateful because they are able to fulfill the desire to remain at home until the end”.

A simple and effective way to know how our relatives are doing without inconveniencing them. Essentially, the elderly do not interact with technology. It is just something that is there at the home infrastructure, but they do not have to do anything,” explains Álvaro Martínez, an engineer in our innovation team.

“Simplicity and complete transparency to the user. They do not need to change anything in their routine and they do not need to pay attention to devices. That was the one key thing because it is a very old population with low digital capability”, adds Pilar Sala.

The case study also echoes our digital maturity with a score of 4.13 out of 5, outperforming other companies in the sector.

Read the full case study

IoT solution to increase autonomy and quality of life of older adults, supporting and extending independent living in own homes.

Table of Contents


IoT incentive

The IoT solution

Outcome of the IoT solution

Best practice learnings

Digital maturity of MYSPHERA

On our website you will also find the success story of ActivaAGE and LOCS.

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