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MYSPHERA participates in pilot initiative against childhood obesity

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Preventing childhood obesity by promoting healthy habits is the aim of the Las Naves project, ‘iPeditec’. A pilot initiative in which we collaborate technologically together with the Paediatrics Service of the General Hospital of Valencia.

Specifically, a total of 190 pupils aged between 4 and 12, together with their families and ten teachers from three schools in the Valencia region, two in the province of Valencia, will receive this transversal teaching of healthy habits.

As a tool for this, they will be provided with the app ‘Escol@Salut’, which can be downloaded by families on mobiles and tablets and which is focused on the one hand on the family and, on the other, on the pupil. Through it, teachers will present challenges on a variety of topics such as seasonal fruits, recommended sugar levels, etc. Challenges with which they will be able to score points.

A fun and motivating way for families to create healthy environments in their homes thanks to the promotion and structured information on healthy routines and habits from a holistic perspective (food, physical exercise and healthy leisure).

All information, guidelines and activities defined within the project are based on both clinical and scientific evidence.

At the end of the pilot, all the information collected will be used to improve the application and improve the user experience of the different members of the educational community (teachers, students and families).

MYSPHERA Innovation | European PAIDO Initiative

This project is part of the coordinated action for the prevention of childhood obesity led by the Research Foundation of the General Hospital of Valencia and Las Naves with the aim of implementing a training programme for the prevention of obesity at school.

The Esc@la Salut solution comprises a set of technological tools that support the implementation of the Comprehensive Care Programme for Childhood Obesity (PAIDO), developed by the Unit against Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk in Children and Adolescents (URCV) belonging to the Paediatrics Service of the Valencia General University Hospital Consortium (CHGUV).

The Esc@la Salut APP is an e-learning APP based on the knowledge of medical experts, teachers and programmers that aims to facilitate the cross-cutting teaching of healthy habits among schoolchildren between 8 and 12 years of age and their families. At the same time, it also enables the development of healthy habits intervention with clinical patients in health centres. With the improvement of family habits, the aim is to prevent the development of overweight and obesity in a large group of the population.

MYSPHERA is responsible for the development of the tools defined in this coordinated action.


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