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This project is part of the coordinated action for the prevention of child obesity led by the Fundación de Investigación del Hospital General de València y Las Naves (Research Foundation of the General Hospital of Valencia and Las Naves) with the aim of implementing a training programme for the prevention of obesity from school.


The Esc@la Salut solution comprises a set of technological tools that support the implementation of the Program for the Integral Care of Childhood Obesity (PAIDO), developed by the Unit against Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk in Children and Adolescents (URCV) belonging to the Pediatric Service of the Consortium of the General University Hospital of Valencia (CHGUV).


The Esc@la Salut APP is an e-learning APP based on the knowledge of medical experts, teachers and developers that aims to facilitate the teaching of healthy habits among school children between 8 and 12 years old and their families. At the same time, it also allows for the development of healthy habit interventions with clinical patients in health centres. By improving family habits, the aim is to prevent the development of overweight and obesity in a large group of the population.


MYSPHERA is responsible for the development of the tools defined in this coordinated action.

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