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Innovación MYSPHERA

This online event will take place on October 21st, where attendees will be able to discover more about the ACTIVAGE project and all its results

One of the European Union’s main commitments is to innovation. This innovation involves applying all the tools available to us, such as IOT technology, to the areas and segments of the population that are least visible, such as the elderly. MYSPHERA joined this effort to improve their quality of life and to promote healthy active ageing more than three years ago by leading the exciting European Project ACTIVAGE.

This initiative seeks to meet the challenge of an ageing population through solutions based on new technologies. In this way it is possible to increase the security of older people in Europe thanks to:
✔ Maintaining their independence and social participation
✔ Reducing the negative impact of chronic diseases
✔ Reducing its deterioration


An intense project which, after three years, is holding an online closing event in which the results obtained will be announced, as well as the complete experience of ACTIVAGE, through virtual reality, from its different fields and dimensions.




At MYSPHERA we support innovation applied to all aspects of the health sector, which is why, within the framework of the ACTIVAGE project, we developed the LOCS solution. An advanced monitoring system of the daily activity of the elderly that is in a pilot phase in more than 700 users in 12 different countries of the European Union.

More info. about LOCS

Save time.
Improve care.