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During the 23rd edition of the Awards and the Valencian Telecommunications Night, Vicente Traver, director of the Chair will present the book based on the interviews with the speakers of the MYSPHERA webinars cycle carried out during the pandemic together with relevant personalities of the socio-health and ICT sector.


The 23rd edition of the Awards and the Valencian Telecommunications Night will take place on 15 October, a perfect setting to present the book carried out by the MYSPHERA-UPV Chair: ‘Transition from COVID to new normal’. A compilation of exclusive interviews with different relevant professionals in health and technology in which the main challenges faced by health, and society in general, during the pandemic were addressed, as well as future expectations.


A book that becomes a kind of ‘time capsule’ that shows us what the main concerns of professionals and experts were at that time of uncertainty. In addition, it shows us how other countries such as the United Kingdom, France, and even the United States experienced the situation through important personalities in the sector such as Jose A. Pagán, Professor of Public Health at the University of Barcelona. Pagán, Professor of Public Health at the University and Director of the Board of Governors of the New York City Hospital System; Remi Charachon, Vice President of Medical Gases Europe – Air Liquide Healthcare; or Katrina Armstrong, MD – Chief of Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital.


Vicente Traver, director of the MYSPHERA-UPV Chair and professor at the Polytechnic University of Valencia, will present the first digital edition of the book at this event in which, in addition, we will have a round table in which various topics on healthcare digitalization will be debated with the presence of some of the interviewees such as Jaime del Barrio, President of the Digital Health Association (ASD), Cristina Bescos, Director of EIT-Health Spain, Jesús María Fernández, Deputy for Navarra in the Congress in the XI and XII legislatures or Juan Antonio Hueto, Coordinator of Surgical Processes of the Institut Català de la Salut, among others.




‘Transition from COVID to new normal’: Exclusive book of the MYSPHERA-UPV Chair



Authors: Jaime del Barrio, Cristina Bescos, Jesús María Fernández Díaz, Juan Antonio Hueto, Jose A. Pagán, Marc Farr, Remi Charachon, Juan Luis Cruz, Maria Teresa Arredondo, Cristiano Paggetti, Germán Gutiérrez, Jorge Posada, Víctor Álvarez, Javier Bosch, Julio Jesús Sánchez, Katrina Armstrong, Eduardo Montón, Sergio Guillén, Ricardo C. Berrios, Luis Zurano, Salvador Vera and Vicente Traver.


The book contains interviews with the speakers who participated in the series of webinars organized by the Chair.


Four webinars in which topics such as contact tracing, the impact of the pandemic on global health systems, European initiatives for home care for the elderly, and active aging after COVID-19 or ICTs as a protective element against new pandemics in the health sector were discussed.


MYSPHERA would like to thank each of the participants for their willingness to express their ideas, thoughts, and even fears regarding the near future, as well as each of the people who took part, both in the webinar series and in the subsequent creation of the book.

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