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Telefónica highlights our technology and our participation at 4YFN

Last March we had the opportunity to participate in the event organized by Wayra, 4YFN. A day in which we were able to show our solutions and all their potential when it comes to simplifying and streamlining healthcare processes. Precisely, in order to gather our impressions of the event and go deeper into our technology, the Telefónica Think Big blog has just published the following article:

MYSPHERA, technology to reduce waiting lists

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Freeing healthcare professionals from spending their time on anything other than patient care is the main objective of MYSPHERA. This startup, which forms part of the Wayra portfolio, puts its experience at the service of technology and people to automate, simplify and streamline the most complex processes in a healthcare organization.

Using Bluetooth bracelets, they locate patients within the hospital. From this data, automated tasks are created when certain events occur. For example, cleaning tasks are generated when the patient leaves an operating theatre; or transfer tasks, when the patient is notified that he or she is ready via the button on the wristband.

Among its products, ORvital stands out, a solution that has shown incredible results in several surgical blocks in various European hospitals, where it has increased the number of surgeries by more than 14%, saving nursing staff more than 3 hours a day, reducing delays by more than 50% and improving bed management from 65% to 85% occupancy.

MYSPHERA is part of the Wayra portfolio

The healthcare market is complex and extensive, with the difficulties that come with giving visibility to a startup’s products and solutions. “Being part of Wayra has helped us to greatly enhance three key pillars in this area: visibility, trust and reach. Telefónica has always placed its trust and resources at our disposal, which is vital for us, especially in our first years of existence”, says Daniel Vera, Marketing Director of MYSPHERA. He also recognises that “working with Telefónica gives you extra confidence in your solutions and also opens doors that are really difficult to touch from the perspective of a startup”.

First-year at 4YFN

MYSPHERA was one of the startups that participated in Wayra’s stand at 4YFN, the event parallels to the Mobile World Congress. “It was a great opportunity to attend this showcase, which brings together the most innovative startups. We were able to create synergies and opportunities that only happen at events of this magnitude”.

They were also able to participate in the round table “On the way to Scale Up: How to work with large corporates” together with Ezzing Solar and Unmanned Life. It was very interesting to learn about the experience of companies from very different sectors and how they interacted with Telefónica to achieve success. “Participating in a round table with companies from very different sectors was very enriching to understand how similar our trajectory was in many aspects, including the relationship with large corporations”.

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