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OR4.0 has a new market name, ORVital. Our new solution has been shortlisted by the next European Healthcare Design Awards as the best “Design Innovation for Quality Improvement” solution.

The process of transformation spurred by our new solution ORVital started by following a co-creation approach with all the key stakeholders in the surgical process. The positive outcome generated after several co-design meetings led to a great acceptance of the new service, including a notable supportive reaction from porters, who are determining for a smooth patient flow experience. At the same time, patient groups were excited by the idea of providing information to their families, waiting throughout the whole intervention process. The commitment of all the stakeholders drove a successful design that is starting to produce the first eye-opening achievements.

The results obtained by the transformation implemented in the 19 operating theatres of the General Hospital in the Vall d’Hebron hospital were impressive. Over the last two years, the increase of number of surgical procedures has increasingly raised reaching a total of 9200 in 2019, more than 1000 interventions more than in 2017, which accounted 8154 operations.

In addition, the project has ensued in an impressive reduction of the energy spending in the surgical unit as a result of the integration with the climate system of the operating theatres. Now, each room is automatically set to the right temperature, humidity and air pressure according to the patient flow without any human manipulation, which was a source of a massive energy squandering. According to the hospital, this is saving 150,000 € every year now, which will be even more impacting as soon as is implemented in all of the 51 operating theatres of the hospital.

As a result of the improvement in usability, patient and professional engagement, and the palpable results in terms of productivity and energy saving, ORVital has been nominated for the next edition of the European Healthcare Design Awards.


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