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Noticias Mysphera

‘MySphera’ identify patients in real time through electronic bracelets

The health area IX-Vega Alta del Segura has won the international prize for the best technological development in the ‘Internet of Things’, awarded by the trade magazine RFID, for the implementation of a tracking system of patients in hospital de la Vega Lorenzo Guirao de Cieza.

The Ministry of Health, through Murciano Health Service (SMS), introduced last February at the hospital Cieza the ‘MySphera’, a tracking system that can identify and locate patients in real time with electronic bracelets. Project

Through this system clinical patient safety is improved and can provide automated relatives of the patient information while in the waiting room.

‘MySphera’ helps to improve the flow of information among professionals of the center by providing tools for the study and improvement of these processes by accessing data in real-time and historical.

Thanks to this mechanism may know the duration of each care process, depending on the patient’s location or equipment, it is interesting to check and improve times and delays.

All this information is encoded for confidentiality is maintained.

The prizes awarded by this magazine are intended to recognize excellence in the creation of technologies that improve end-user experience, either through hardware, software or service.

The award was presented yesterday, May 5, in the tenth gala ‘RFID Journal Awards’ in Orlando (USA).

Responsible for publicly present the project at the Convention and finally collect the prize was the supervisor of Emergency Hospital de la Vega Lorenzo Guirao, Elena Garro González.

Currently the project incorporates improvements that will bring even more excellence to the attention given in the hospital.

The whole process will be agreed with professionals and patients to achieve human care that benefits the population.

More than 100 people a day

The winning system has been implemented in the emergency department of the hospital in Cieza, serving an average of 100 people a day, as well as inpatient units, with about 10 revenue on average, and in the surgical block, with 15 interventions half a day.

Moreover, the entire center is signposted, so that the transit of patients for radiology, laboratories and other services is always controlled.

The project has enabled control strategic assets such as ultrasound machines, pumps and other health technology in order to maximize public resources available to the center.

The success of this model has created a real living laboratory as patients and the usual care practice, work has been carried out in the Murciano Health Service, through the area of ​​Innovation, which is responsible Gorka Sánchez.

‘MySphera’ is one of the companies participating in the ‘fiche’ project, in which the SMS part to validate some of the major European technological innovations in the field of ‘e-Health’ (the practice of health care rests in information technology and communications).

Save time.
Improve care.