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Our solutions for the automation of patient flow have caught the attention of the European Innovation Council and the SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA), making us one of the eleven Spanish companies selected to receive one of the largest funding operations in history of the European Union (627 million distributed to a total of 99 companies).


After such a difficult 2020 and 2021 for the healthcare sector, the effort and tenacity of our team have been rewarded by the European Innovation Council through one of the largest funding rounds to date. 7.6 million euros that serve not only as recognition of our track record but also as a definitive boost to continue growing and scaling our solutions globally.


The selection of the 99 companies, among which MYSPHERA is included, has been made after a rigorous process, introduced under Horizon Europe, in which a group of external experts has evaluated each of the projects and a jury of experienced investors and entrepreneurs have interviewed each finalist in the process.


Source: Source: European Innovation Council Accelerator


In our case, the project presented arose from one of the biggest challenges currently facing the healthcare system, the constant growth of waiting lists in Europe. In addition to fighting the pandemic, hospitals must reach maximum care capacity in order to return to normality.


On the other hand, COVID-19 has uncovered another major challenge: the lack of awareness of the real value of technology. Specialized companies such as MYSPHERA invest a lot of time and effort in developing solutions to deal with delays in healthcare, as well as to create new healthcare flows when care needs to be improved or when a large healthcare demand has to be met with a limited budget.


It is therefore vital that all this work and effort reaches hospitals by providing them with seamless and agile care flows, as well as the means to plan activity quickly while optimizing resources and healthcare capacity to the maximum. All this, not only in a single department but throughout the patient’s entire journey through the various clinical areas (emergency, surgery, ICU, outpatient, etc.).


Faced with these two complex problems, we presented our patient flow automation solution to the European Commission, which is capable of completely changing the rules of the game by allowing:


– Track and manage the patient journey in real-time.
– Automate the surgical process through adapted applications that allow staff to have live data and notifications on patient flow.


Currently, the deployment of this solution requires several months of co-design work with the hospital, which limits its potential for scalability. However, our goal is to reduce the effort and time from months to just a few days.


A goal that has undoubtedly caught the attention of the European Innovation Council and the SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) and has earned us this recognition in the form of funding that we hope will be the definitive push to transform the healthcare system in a global level.

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