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The Jiangsu region is a foundational part of China, and Nanjing, one of its most avant-garde capitals, not only in the region but also at the national level. With more than eight million inhabitants, the city is committing to innovation by strategically projecting different universities and research centres throughout the city in cutting-edge technological areas such as artificial intelligence, robotics, IoT, semiconductors, and in sectors such as health, energy, and industry.
With the aim of fostering technological synergies between Europe and China, “Nanjing Tech Week” invites experts and relevant companies to boost business relations between both worlds. In this context, Jordi Rovira from MYSPHERA was invited to explain during this week the role played by RTLS technology and its flagship product, OR4.0, in the digital transformation of healthcare. Three other organizations from the United Kingdom were invited to give their technological vision in the health sector.
HOPE-I, Nanjing’s leading healthcare technology company, with more than 5 million clients, was the host of this event and was very interested in our digitization service of the surgical process. Both companies have set out to deepen a relationship that serves to expand our solution in China.

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