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MYSPHERA’s ORVital solution is recognised by the European Healthcare Design Congress with the award for best innovation 2020. This award, apart from recognizing the platform’s merits, is a recognition, on the one hand, for the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital in Barcelona as one of the first centres to promote innovation and to commit to the MYSPHERA project, obtaining, three years later, many successes and distinctions at a worldwide level; and on the other hand, for the European Commission and its constant support to innovation with European projects such as the “Operating Room 4.0”.

MYSPHERA’s solution won the award against eleven other international solutions that were also competing for the prize. A recognition that seals the commitment of a reference hospital like Vall d’Hebron by being the first to implement a revolutionary surgical management system worldwide and the vision and innovation of MYSPHERA to bring to life the most advanced surgical “patient flow” solution on the market.

The evolution of the ORVital system

A hospital with a large capacity can have between 10 and 60 operating theatres with dozens of operations every day, which translates into thousands a year. Without a doubt, this surgical process is one of the most expensive operations within the centre and, therefore, requires the attention of hundreds of health workers in highly stressful, unexpected conditions, such as emergencies or lack of material, and always, limited time.

It is precisely this important area, which is also so complex to manage, that Vall d’Hebron University Hospital is committed in 2016 to implementing a totally transformative project in the management of the surgical process in the General Hospital block with 19 new operating theatres. A project that represents the beginning of ORVital’s journey.

Vall d’Hebron Hospital performs more than 30,000 operations annually. To this day, in most hospitals, the teams still work mostly in an analogical way, making calls in a hurry and recording data by hand. The result is a sub-optimal management of these areas, in addition to the increase in cancellations, waiting lists, increased costs and, not least, frustration on the part of staff and family members due to poor communication.

In this sense, MYSPHERA and the hospital joined their talents and worked together to adapt the EMS real-time traceability solution and to involve all the key players in co-design meetings, from URPA nurses and operating room staff, to surgeons, coordinators, anaesthetists, as well as orderlies and cleaning teams, all of whom are essential workers to ensure an optimal patient experience.

From these co-creation sessions an unparalleled solution was generated that allows to orchestrate the surgical process automatically by involving the different actors that orbit around the patient flow through customized applications that are updated in real time with information and tasks as the different patients progress through the process concurrently.

After incremental development and deployment since 2017, the first full version of ORVital was launched in 2019 with great success and acceptance among professionals and families. The transformation work carried out by the hospital and MYSPHERA has had a very important impact on improving the increase in activity from more than 8000 operations in 2017 to more than 9000 at the end of 2019, which translated into an increase in surgical performance in the general block of more than ten points. This, in addition to giving the hospital an extra capacity to adapt to sudden demands such as those we are experiencing now in times of COVID, is helping to empower professionals by allowing them to work better and spend more time doing what they like, caring for patients, eliminating unrewarding management tasks.

These impacts have helped other hospitals decide to adopt the solution that is already operating in four European countries including Spain, France, Belgium and the UK, and is about to reap its first referral in the United States. More than 60 hospitals endorse the work done by MYSPHERA.

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