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MYSPHERA has been recognized with an award for the best presentations at the HealthTech Venture Forum held in Valencia, and goes to the final at the Tech Tour International to be held in Düsseldorf on December 11 and 12.

The European Commission has selected this event as an example of good practices in the framework of the Interreg Program in which the 10 most advanced regions of Europe participate, including the Valencian Community.

Rafa Climent, Minister of Sustainable Economy, Productive Sectors, Trade and Employment, has declared on the entrepreneurial ecosystem of the Valencian Community that “we must continue to support and promote it from the coordination between all agents. Hence the implementation of the Map of Entrepreneurship of the Valencian Community that proposes a series of measures and a strategy to optimize the Valencian entrepreneur ecosystem based on the coordination between public and private agents, through the Valencian Council of the Entrepreneur “.

Spanish companies Entrenarme SL and B-wom, Crest Optics SPA of Italy, EP Solutions SA of Switzerland, Imagen Ltd of Finlancia, Spirohome Turkey, Stemmatters, Biotechnology and Regenerate Medicine of Portugal, Tumour Trace de Reino have also been awarded in this event. Kingdom and ViviDoctor of Belgium. !! Congratulations!!

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