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MYSPHERA introduced the Operating Room 4.0 project (OR4.0) in the last edition of the European Healthcare Management Association (EHMA) Conference in 2019 in Finland raising the awareness about the profound transformation this solution is exerting in several hospitals. This year, the EHMA has accepted an abstract and invited MYSPHERA to present the final results.

Figure 1 – EMHA’s 2019 edition in Finland

Thus, in the most successful way, OR4.0 is coming to an end with stunning results. After more than two years of work, MYSPHERA has been able to demonstrate how an automated orchestration of the surgical process can help hospitals to become more cooperative and effective organizations. Indeed, our data suggests that clinical and operational staff across surgical units are working better with our solution avoiding frustration due to bad communication in time demanding situations.

Likewise, the smoother way of working has generated a lot of synergies between professionals improving bottlenecks and critical parts of the process. Important increases of surgical performance have been observed in the Vall d’Hebron hospital, which is a center that has been boosting this solution from the early days of the project by 2017. Currently, the OR4.0 solution is able to self-issue tasks to the corresponding professional’s mobile application according to the contextual information generated by the underlaying real time location system that tracks the patient flow and triggers the automation of the solution.

Indeed, the surgical daily practice in this hospital has been greatly improved but also the operational management at short and midterm. This is because OR4.0 is able to automatically generate eye-opening reports with key indicators that help in the management of the surgical unit. Furthermore, OR4.0 has demonstrated that could have a significant impact on the reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions contributing positively in the achievement of the European Green Deal goals ( Jordi Rovira Simón will have the opportunity to reveal the staggering results of this project in the next edition of the European Management Health Association (EMHA) Conference next November 19, 2020 in Rotterdam.

We are looking forward for it.
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