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    Keeping family members informed: Essential to healthcare quality evolution

    Technology eases care workloads so that professionals can improve their interaction with patients and families.
    Empathy, understanding, feeling that you have some sort of control, or information about what is going on behind the hospital doors when you have a family member inside, is essential for many people who feel vulnerable in those moments of anxiety.

    The feeling of uncertainty or anxiety is the most common feeling in hospital waiting rooms, and a feeling that has increased in the last year due to COVID-19 and the need for health safety protocols.If its already difficult to spend hours without being able to see the condition of a relative during their procedures, the feeling of unease increases when you cannot be physically present at the hospital; the feeling that something could happen, and we are not close to our loved ones to support them or just have information generates insecurity and anxiety.
    This situation has been combined with the natural hospital stress, which now has seen multiplied by the workload generated by the pandemic, affects the quality of care.
    It is key to understand the evolution of healthcare and the doctor-patient relationship have undergone. The healthcare transformation has taken this relationship to a horizontal plane, where the opinion and role of the patient and their relatives are taken into account and becomes fundamental in the clinical process.
    Digitalization and healthcare technology is the perfect opportunity to reconnect medical professionals with patients and their families, making a qualitative leap in healthcare; meanwhile, technology and humanization could be contradictory terms, but nothing could be further from the truth. The impact that digitalization has on human health is a fact and turning this impact into a process that connects directly with people’s state of mind to give them comfort and significantly improves healthcare.

    MYSPHERA® Virtual-Waiting-Room®
    Breaking down the physical barriers of the hospital

    Combining technology and healthcare, one of the functionalities of MYSPHERA’s ORVital® system is the Virtual-Waiting-Room. A platform designed to offer real-time monitoring of the patient’s condition inside of the hospital. Through the combination of IoT-RTLS technology its possible to know the changes in location, the status within the surgical block, receive notifications and even messages from healthcare professionals.
    The system is accessible through screens installed inside the hospital and through an app. In this way, whether inside or outside the hospital, it is possible to keep relatives informed at all times of the patient’s progress.The system is accessible through screens installed inside the hospital or an app. In this way, whether inside or outside the hospital, it is possible to keep relatives informed at all times of the patient’s progress.
    A platform that does not replace people, but brings them closer. It allows professionals to free up work, interacting with relatives at the most necessary and reassuring moments, and avoiding interruptions.
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    By: Mireya Lázaro