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Last Thursday, “Emprende RTVE” based their new episode on the Internet of Things applied to healthcare systems, where Salvador Vera, CEO of MYSPHERA, explained their information service to patient relatives:
“Right now, the only information that patient relatives obtain throughout the surgical process is that their loved one has entered a Black Box, which is the Operating Room. So, our system is a relief for both the relatives, who know the state of the process in real time, as for the professionals who are less interrupted. ”

In addition, Salvador talked about the results of MYSPHERA in several european hospitals:
“Hospitals have increased the number of interventions between 10%-15% thanks to the reduction in idle time. That basically means that they have surgeries one more month per year, which translates into a large reduction of waiting lists.”

The TV show highlighted that MYSPHERA has the support of Wayra, Telefónica’s open innovation ecosystem. </br

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