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According to the latest data published by the Traumatology sector of the Spanish Federation of Healthcare Technology Companies (Fenin), more than 45,000 scheduled trauma surgeries were not performed in Spain in 2020.

With the latest information on waiting lists referring to June 2020, the data for subsequent months and 2021 are not expected to be very encouraging. In fact, some figures are beginning to be known, such as the case of cancelled trauma surgeries. According to the Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (Fenin), the trauma sector has been affected by the cancellation of 45,500 scheduled operations:


Consequences of cancelled surgeries

At first glance, these operations may not seem to be a priority, but, as Fenin points out, the consequences of these cancellations have a direct impact on patients’ health, and even on the health system.

On the one hand, we have the enormous affectation and direct impact on the quality of life of the patient after these cancellations due to pain, lack of mobility or complete recovery and, on the other, the additional costs generated for medical services in concepts such as ‘medical leave’, increased number of hospital visits and even the need for lifelong treatments.

On this matter, the discomfort or pain derivated from the pathology is detrimental to the patient’s health in diverse ways:

– It leads to other pathologies resulting from the limitation of movement that causes sedentary lifestyles and in turn, diabetes, cardiovascular problems such as hypertension and more.
– Aggravating the pathology, overloading other joints and causing a worsening of the patient’s condition due to contractures, tendinitis or even osteoarthritis.
– All this scenario has a deep impact on the patient’s emotional health.

In this sense, Fenin’s traumatology sector advocates the urgent recovery of scheduled surgical activity through specific recovery plans that directly address waiting lists.

MYSPHERA®, digitalisation based on IoT to eradicate waiting lists

At MYSPHERA we have spoken out on several occasions in this regard with the firm conviction that there can be no real recovery of the healthcare system without adopting permanent tools. Solutions for efficiency that not only solve the problem in the short term, but also bring about a qualitative improvement in the healthcare sector adding value and reducing the workload of healthcare professionals and, at the same time, improving the quality of patient care.

Among MYSPHERA®’s various IoT-RTLS tools, one of the most effective and with the greatest potential for reducing waiting lists is the ORVital® solution. An intelligent and multipurpose platform for real-time visualisation and orchestration of the processes involved in the Surgical Block.

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