Our technology to provide autonomy to elders and extend their independent life.

Solution Components


The peace of mind provided by autonomy within one’s own home for elderly people who live alone, knowing that loved ones and caregivers are looking after their health and safety:

• Sensors that record movement, humidity and temperature.

• Sensors on the doors that record entrances and exits.

• Tablet that records all the data and transfers it to the corresponding apps and platforms.


The safety and calm of autonomy also outside the home by keeping family members informed of their location thanks to:

• Tracking app on the smartphone that reports the location and sends personalised alerts in case of risk, such as leaving an area established as safe.

App for family members

Elderly care respecting their autonomy thanks to the information:

• Customizable alerts for unusual situations (too much time away from home, no activity detected at home…). ​​

• Complete information about daily routines.

• Access to data 24/7 from the smartphone.

Platform for professional caregivers

Professional assistance 24/7 thanks to a platform with:

• Users management.

• Supervision of the service functioning.

• Monitoring of the status and alerts of users.

• Detailed information of the routines.

Main features

Independent and autonomous elderly people

Controlled environment that facilitates active ageing and allows elderly people to be autonomous through monitoring both indoors and outdoors to promote autonomous and independent living, as well as make it easier for them to continue living at home.

Informed family and caregivers

It eliminates potential concerns that family and caregivers may have thanks to real-time information on their status and routines. The information is also facilitated to assistance service providers to maintain direct communication in the event of emergency or risk to the user.

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