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According to a study conducted by Aix-Marseille University, IoT solutions are the most promising in the monitoring and management of nursing and infectious diseases.

The digital transformation of the health sector has been a latent reality for years, but the pandemic has accelerated the process of incorporating it or at least has highlighted the need for digital solutions to become common and standard tools in most healthcare centres.

In this sense, the range of options is wide and diverse, but which of all has a real future when it comes to being part of daily healthcare?

An analysis conducted by the French University Aix-Marseille, published in ‘Nursing Open’ on 25 March, answers this question. Lead author Sophia Boudjema, PhD, MSc, RN, and colleagues have identified five major technological trends in nursing and infectious diseases:

• Artificial intelligence
• IoT
• Information and communication technology
• Simulation technology
• E-learning

This study, based on PubMed and five other journal databases, has analysed 77 relevant articles from 23 different countries taking into account several key factors:

– Efficiency as minimisation of unnecessary nursing time and effort.
– Effectiveness as optimisation of nursing clinical practice
– Performance as optimisation of the nursing process.
– Quality as minimisation of errors in the healthcare system of daily care to provide patient safety.

Besides, in their analysis, the authors emphasise that nursing and the treatment of infectious diseases require high levels of cooperation and the involvement of a large number of professionals over a long period.

These requirements are a challenge for clinical practice, often generating a great deal of workload and stress. Undoubtedly, situations that are currently visible with the pandemic.

In this sense, the tool that intervenes positively in more processes provides benefits and increases effectiveness is, according to the study, IoT technology.

MYSPHERA®, The smart IoT-RTLS solutions for transforming healthcare systems through process visibility and localization in Real-Time.

At MYSPHERA we are aware that the ‘Internet of Things’ combined with real Time Location Systems can play a very important role in healthcare. As Peter Drucker once said, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. That is precisely what IoT-RTLS offers to healthcare organisations. A way to measure system processes automatically to improve them.

Furthermore, MYSPHERA’s solutions go a step forward and offer real-time information and the possibility of orchestrating processes and, ultimately, the control and automation of any healthcare area, its processes, and its patients.

MYSPHERA Solutions:


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