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It seems like yesterday… but 2022 marks 10 years since we founded MYSPHERA… We started it with the vision of transforming the healthcare system by providing its professionals with tools that would enable them to improve the management and efficiency of their processes.

Since then we have grown as a team, more than one million patients have been users of our solutions, we have implemented our systems in dozens of European hospitals, we have forged alliances with large multinationals in the sector and we have successfully closed several rounds of financing that have supported our growth.

We have exceeded the vision for which we were born, not only working on providing tools for process optimization, but we have helped to humanize hospitals for patients and their families as well as for healthcare professionals, offering complete, usable, user-friendly, and reliable solutions and betting on technology as the catalyst for a healthcare system that frees healthcare professionals from spending their time on anything other than patient care.

The last two years have been difficult for the healthcare sector because, in addition to the challenges previously faced by hospitals, such as surgical waiting lists, there has been this horrible pandemic. A complicated period where healthcare professionals have needed all our support and during which our team has not stopped working a single day to help them. But at MYSPHERA we were rewarded for our efforts and ended 2021 with great news: recognition by the European Commission, through its European Innovation Council, being selected as one of the 99 European technology companies destined to change the sector in which it operates and making us participants in its largest financing round to date. This was the support we needed to take the next step that our vision requires and become the European leaders in the digitization and automation of Patient Flow and make the leap to become a global company.

Over the last 10 years, the world and healthcare have changed and evolved a lot and, of course, so have we. We started by offering tools to our customers and transformed ourselves to provide solutions. Solutions that support, help, and solve situations and tasks in the most important areas of a hospital such as the Surgical Block or the Emergency Room. Solutions where the most important thing is time, the time we offer healthcare professionals so that they can dedicate it to what matters most: the patients.

Precisely to be able to reflect all this evolution and change, we discovered a new MYSPHERA, a more accessible MYSPHERA that reflects much better the values of our team and our work; a small, big company where the most important thing is people, each and every one of the people involved in this process: from the people who form part of MYSPHERA, our partners, all the professionals we work with and, of course, all the patients who come to the hospital in their moments of greatest need.

Welcome to a new MYSPHERA, for a new era of Digital Healthcare.

Save time.
Improve care.