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How technology can help reduce healthcare professionals’ burnout

The pandemic has been devastating for healthcare professionals. Coping with the effects of COVID on patients, shortages of staff and resources, dealing with the psychological fallout of the pandemic, work overload, the risk to their own health… additional stress has added to already overburdened healthcare workers.

Reducing this stress begins with the ability to control the situation, something quite complex in an area such as healthcare. Measuring patient volume, clinical trajectory, and even a global pandemic are completely impossible. However, technology can provide the necessary tools to cope with such situations.

How is this achieved?

Technological solutions such as MYSPHERA provide visibility of what is happening with patients in real-time, allowing for up-to-date availability of resources (available operating theatres, staff, equipment, etc.) and automate manual tasks that detract from the value of something fundamental: time.

At MYSPHERA, after 10 years of experience working side by side with hospitals to understand their needs, we are aware of the intrinsic chaos of the healthcare environment. That’s why we know that process orchestration solutions based on real-time location can make a big difference when it comes to bringing order to that chaos.

📍 Bringing order out of chaos

  • Real-time patient location (RTLS) allows you to know where patients are at all times and what their status is within the process. This eliminates the traditional search for patients and their identification.
  • A change in the patient’s status is communicated to the entire care team via information screens placed at strategic points, which improves coordination in the process.
    When a specific medical resource is needed, its location can be known in real-time and its availability for use. This avoids the manual search and the loss of time that this entails.
  • Knowing the waiting times of each patient improves the quality of care.
  • Relatives are notified in real-time via information screens and an app without the need for interruptions to staff and reducing the stress that such a situation entails.

Obviously, technology is not an absolute solution to all healthcare obstacles. But it is a very good tool that allows healthcare workers to offload some of the most tedious tasks such as manual information entry, patient and resource searches, updating the status of operating theatres and patients, communication between professionals and relatives… a complete optimization of processes that offers a very valuable resource: time. It is not only time to dedicate to patients but time to find a balance within the stress of such a complicated and important environment as healthcare.

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