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Noticias Mysphera

Computerworld has launched a video dedicated to the HealthIT2019 event, which took place at the new and highly technological Fraternidad-Muprespa Habana in Madrid. The event focused on the pillars of health care in the digital era, and MYSPHERA had great relevance through Salvador Vera, CEO of the company, who presented the new IoT solution for Operating Rooms during the ICT Expert Panel.

Salvador explained the advantages that come with the use of location and traceability technologies for patients in hospital environments, like the safe identification of patients by proximity, which “ensures that the patient who enters an operating room is the right person”. The magazine highlights that MYSPHERA’s solution is implemented in more than 40 European hospitals, and that in those that use the technology for the Surgical Block, surgical performance has risen 10%.

“Let’s say that the centers can have surgeries one more month per year thanks to the efficiency improvement provided by this tool”. – explains Salvador.
MYSPHERA seeks to reduce the time the patient spends in the surgical block for non-medical reasons, reducing the waiting time before and after the intervention, thanks to the automation of the processes. “And let’s not forget the peace of mind it brings to families who are informed in real time about the state in which the patient is.”

Finally, ComputerWorld highlights that MYSPHERA is working on improving its system through the application of artificial intelligence to be able to anticipate possible situations in the surgical process and propose early solutions, such as surgical planning.

Save time.
Improve care.