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“The pandemic has shown that data management is fundamental… and we were not prepared,” says Juan Luis Cruz Bermúdez, CIO of the Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, in an interview with ComputerWorld.

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on the healthcare system. Not only has it overcome medical professionals and resources, but it has also made it clear that there is a real need for evolution towards digitalization. It is precisely in this regard that Juan Luis Cruz Bermúdez, CIO of the Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre, made this statement in the interview with ComputerWorld: “the pandemic has shown that data management is essential … and we were not prepared.”

In situations as delicate and complex as the prevailing one, data is essential for decision-making, which in turn affects management and interoperability between systems. It is precisely this data that would be more accurate and in real-time if healthcare were more supported by technology. This would create a better quality care scenario and make it easier to deal with and react to extreme situations such as the current pandemic.

In this sense, Cruz Bermúdez affirms, in a forceful way, that “Spanish health is in a permanent situation of under-financing in IT”. Statements similar to those he made during the MYSPHERA-UPV Chair webinar cycle and in the subsequent interview conducted in July 2020.

The CIO of the Hospital 12 de Octubre explained that “many aspects of patient care could be improved through technology, and this should be a priority for the health system” and, in his opinion, added that the health system has so far not invested enough resources in the technology patient-care.

These statements are still valid almost a year later. If the pandemic has made one thing clear, it is that without technology and R&D investment in healthcare, the challenge of overcoming the current situation and even similar scenarios in the future could be very complicated.

At MYSPHERA we have always been aware that IoT-RTLS technology has not been sufficiently exploited within healthcare and the immense potential it can have for both, professionals and patients.

That’s why since 2012 we have created and evolved solutions that combine IoT & RTLS to not only locate, map and orchestrate processes but also provide reliable, undisputable, real-time data that allows hospitals to answer questions about how their processes are working, enabling process improvement and efficiency.

MYSPHERA Business Intelligence: Measurement and Improvement of Surgical Efficiency 

Within the hospital environment, decision-making based on data is essential for optimal workflow and patient flow. To do this, Operating Theatres managers need undisputable data and real-time information to facilitate accurate decisions.

How is this achieved?

By knowing first-hand what are the circumstances that hinder processes and divert them from the established schedules.

The Business Intelligence tools included in MYSPHERA solutions provide information on three key aspects:

– Data analysis
– Process visualisation
– Predictivity (future)

Information is power and in healthcare, this power is equivalent to improving the quality of patient care. Having this tool at our fingertips, now more than ever is the time when we can support medical professionals, offering them the best tools and technologies at our disposal to achieve what is, ultimately, the most important thing: serving patients with the best possible care.

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