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The healthcare system has proven to be, even more so, a key sector for society. A sector whose improvement not only benefits healthcare professionals, but also has an impact on the quality of care and, therefore, benefits the entire population in general.


Indeed, one of the most complex, but at the same time most important, areas is the Surgical Block. A department that, with the pandemic, has suffered a terrible blockage which, if not solved as soon as possible, will have repercussions on the health of patients and professionals.


?MYSPHERA, the Spanish company able to clear surgical waiting lists


However, it is possible to improve the efficiency of the Surgical Block, and not only temporarily by expanding staff and resources. Technology allows us to make a permanent transformation towards a sustainable healthcare system in terms of staff and assets, capable of adding value to the patient’s experience.


Technology that MYSPHERA has been developing since 2012 through RTLS-based solutions. Extensive experience in key hospitals, such as La Fe Hospital in Valencia or Vall d’Hebron Hospital, has allowed us to go a step beyond real-time localization by creating complete solutions such as ORvital.


ORvital is able to comprehensively improve the BQ by providing support and offering solutions to the main challenges and needs faced by the management of the surgical area.

Beyond RTLS: The 5 key elements for a completely improved Surgical Block


– Visualisation of times and processes


Through the real-time location of patients, it is possible to offer a complete record of the patient’s journey throughout the process. Reliable data and real indicators of intervention time, transfers, waiting times, delays, etc.


All of this is on an individualized basis for each patient, and at the same time, globally for the entire surgical program. A complete record of the activity of each operating theatre in real-time and able to offer a comparison with the schedule.


– Automated, efficient, and optimized surgical scheduling


Automated and intelligent proposal of the surgical programming according to the different parameters set by the hospital, such as surgical waiting lists, maximum waiting times, available resources, etc.


A complete proposal that eliminates the complex manual task of matching patients, professionals, and resources in the most efficient way possible. Reducing errors and facilitating the task of patient confirmation.


– Optimising patient flow through process and professional coordination


Patient flow throughout a process as delicate as surgery should be as coordinated and fluid as possible. ORvital offers the different departments involved in the process the necessary tools for complete synchronization. Through the real-time location of the patient and the different status updates that occur automatically when the patient is moved through the different sections of the surgical area, it is possible:

◆ Reduce downtime with automatic alerts to porters for transfers through an App screen in their control area.
◆ Reduce changeover times with direct notifications from the operating theatre to porters, nursing team, and cleaning team.
◆ Visualize the status of the operating room in real-time, allowing you to detect possible delays and extensions in real-time and make decisions as quickly as possible.
◆ Avoid unnecessary transfers when delays occur.


– Evolution of the patient and family experience


Going through surgery is always a sensitive time for both the patient and their family members. Providing full transparency about the process offers peace of mind and therefore adds value to the patient’s experience. ORvital is able to show the patient’s status in real-time to their relatives through informative screens. In addition, this technology allows us to go a step further, offering the same information to any family member, even if they are not in the healthcare facilities, through the ‘Virtual Waiting Room’ APP. Any change in status is communicated to relatives, and it is also possible to receive messages indicating possible delays or communications from medical professionals.


– Business Intelligence


RTLS technology not only offers us the real-time location, but at MYSPHERA we wanted to go much deeper into the possibilities that this offers. Knowing the processes at the moment is important, but analyzing them afterward to be able to make decisions that continue to improve the whole process is vital.

ORvital collects all this data and offers it through reports that show and measure surgical efficiency.



At MYSPHERA we have always been very aware of the importance and role that healthcare plays in our society. For this reason, we have been and continue to be committed to its evolution hand in hand with technology. A transformation that is not only capable of optimizing material resources, but also facilitates the work of professionals by offering them what they need most: time. Time to dedicate to patients, who in turn will receive much more comprehensive care. In this way, we are able to add value and facilitate a process as complex and delicate as a surgical operation.


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