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    MYSPHERA and SITUM team up to deliver a Wayfinding system to European hospitals

    A technological alliance that will allow the quick and efficient implementation, through MYSPHERA, of the indoor guidance and navigation solution created by the Galician company SITUM
    Visits to hospitals and healthcare facilities are always a delicate time that can be nerve-wracking and stressful, especially when you have to navigate several corridors and floors, or even consult information in order to find the right consultation room. Through indoor GPS guidance, it is possible to know from the first moment of entering the building the exact destination and how to get there, so that the patient’s frustration is reduced and the experience is much more seamless and stress-free.
    Now, thanks to the collaboration with SITUM, MYSPHERA includes this functionality within its offer in order to continue adding value to patients, improving their experience, as well as providing tools that support and facilitate the work of medical professionals.


    Images of the app for indoor patient guidance. MYSPHERA | SITUM



    Advantages of wayfinding or indoor guidance


    Wayfinding or indoor GPS guidance allows:


    • Guidance of patients to specialist practices and waiting rooms
    • Locating rooms for relatives of patients
    • Special routes for people with reduced mobility
    • Warning of entry into restricted areas
    • Signaling points of interest

    • Sending location information to companions

    • Access to information on any service, for example, cafeteria or opening hours


    The technological union of MYSPHERA and SITUM


    The technological collaboration between SITUM and MYSPHERA allows hospitals to have an indoor guidance solution thanks to an algorithm capable of combining the information provided by the BLE beacons installed by MYSPHERA for the location and traceability of patients with data from the inertial sensors of smartphones (compass, Bluetooth and WI-FI). This makes it possible to provide an accuracy of less than 5 meters without the need for additional hardware..


    Meanwhile, hospitals that already have MYSPHERA technology, through the WYF module offered by SITUM, can easily integrate all the necessary functions (mapping information, location, routes…) in their own health center app or create a specific one for the solution.



    MYSPHERA is a leading company in Europe in patient location and traceability systems in the hospital environment, with the main objective of automating and improving its processes by eliminating non-value time for both professionals and patients. The first implementation of the system was carried out at La Fe Hospital in Valencia, where the largest RTLS in Europe to date was deployed. Recently, MYSPHERA launched ORVital, a unique solution that by combining localisation with a powerful workflow manager is able to “orchestrate” any patient flow process. As a result, today MYSPHERA has already deployed its solutions in more than 50 reference hospitals in several European countries and maintains strategic and technological partnerships worldwide.


    SITUM is a world leader in visitor guidance and indoor equipment monitoring solutions. Its technology has already been deployed in thousands of buildings in more than 70 countries and its solutions are used by leading companies in their sectors to improve the visitor experience in hospitals, shopping centres and airports; facilitate transit and assistance for people with reduced mobility in different facilities with high attendance; manage security services and cleaning staff or increase the productivity of human teams and mobile assets in factories.

    By: Mireya Lázaro